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About Workforwin
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About Company & History

“Workforwin is a top Ed-Tech Company in India founded in 2020 by Ankit Kumar. Vision of the company is to provide the best education across the globe. We help students in understanding core concepts of computer science so that they can contribute to making life more simple and peaceful.”

“We started our journey by providing free education in the local areas of India in 2017. Now we are growing every day, and our student community is growing day by day. Today not only from India we have students from many countries. And continuously we are working in the field of creating reliable and easy-to-use platform for building their bright future.”

About Founder & CEO

“Hi I'm Ankit Kumar”

“I am founder and CEO of Workforwin along I'm a professional Web Developer. I started my dream company in my final year of engineering to solve the problem of local area engineering students.”

“Education is free and I believe in providing it to each and every student of the country. So along with my business, I deliver project-based learning to learners through my educational platforms. I also conduct seminars on entrepreneurship so you can get in touch with me through my social accounts.”

Founder of workforwin

Team Workforwin

workforwin team

Ankit Kumar

I'm a React Js developer & I maintain the website of workforwin.

workforwin team

Manish Sharma

I'm a web developer and technical content writer at workforwin.

Internship at workforwin

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For Engineering and non-engineering students who have a passion for getting into the corporate IT industry for them, Workforwin provides internship and give them an opportunity of working with IT professional. For more information, you can contact us or email us at [email protected]

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