Version Control

New Design

Clean And Modren UI Design

Ankit Kumar just become product manager from founder of Workforwin. And taken a great decision to improve the overall feel of the Workforwin. This is not the just UI improvement, this release brings a lot for our learners, sounds excited right? Well you can see below listed features we bring in this release. To use all these features please visit the features sections

Added New Courses with category and progress tracker

Learning sheets to master data structure and algorithms design

Smooth video content experience with security and data safty

Marketplace and Podcasts for learning community

Community support for learnings in courses and blogs

The Launch Day

Go Live: The Birthday

It's a great day in the history of workforwin. Before this date we were just an idea in our founders mind. This was the day when we decide to come in front of world with the mission of providing right guided learning content to the community